Anti-Aging Science

Secrets of Longevity

Well, longevity is actually no longer a secret. It is now known that caloric restriction increases the lifespan of organisms. But how can we or more specifically how can our skin benefit from these insights into the longevity pathway without undertaking a low-calorie regime or an exhausting physical training program?

Swiss researchers have found in Snow Algae Powder a potent phyto substance that mimicks the effects of calorie restriction and in this way is able to improve the longevity of the skin cells.

Snow Algae Powder flips two switches for longevity

Snow Algae Powder activates two key factors of the calorie restriction pathway: the Klotho longevity gene and the AMPK energy sensor - they together lead to improved cellular defenses, oxidative stress resistance, cell detoxification and repair.

Insulin/IGF-1 pathway:

High levels of the two key factors Klotho and AMPK lead to an increased lifespan.

Klotho: the longevity gene

It was only recently discovered that the Klotho gene extends the lifespan when overexpressed, while it accelerates aging when its expression is disrupted.

The name of this longevity gene comes from the Greek goddess Klotho. In Greek mythology, it was Klotho who controlled the lives and destinies of everyone. The Klotho gene codes for a protein which blocks the gatekeeper of the insulin-induced pathway, the insulin/IGF-1 receptor, and finally induces longevity processes by stimulating detoxification and DNA-repair genes.

AMPK energy sensor

AMPK (AMP-activated kinase) is an energy sensor that becomes active in response to low energy levels. When activated, for instance during physical training or a diet, AMPK stimulates energy production from glucose and fatty acids and inhibits energy consumption. High AMPK levels induce FOXO and thereby increase lifespan. In contrast, nutritional overload impairs AMPK activity and as we grow older its sensitivity declines and our aging process is accelerated.