Production Process

Mibelle Biochemistry has succeeded in cultivating snow algae cells in special reactors in conditions mimicking their natural environment:

In an initial stage, optimal light and aeration are used to grow the green algae for three weeks performing doing photosynthesis in order to achieve biomass. From there, in a second stage, nutrients are reduced and light increased over two weeks to induce the formation of carotenoids and thus the red colored resting form. Due to the stress situation, the algae start producing powerful stress response molecules that strengthen and protect the skin cells.

To obtain Snow Algae Powder, the cosmetic active ingredient, the cells of the snow algae are homogenized at 1200 bar together with phospholipids to encapsulate and stabilize their components into liposomes. Liposomes are valuable carrier systems that allow the active to reach the layers of the epidermis.