Proven Efficacy

Strong Skin Barrier

In a clinical study during the winter period, volunteers applied a cream containing Snow Algae Powder. Cold weather is a stress condition for skin as it weakens the skin barrier and therefore leads to dryness. Dry skin appears dull, flaky and rough and leads to itching.

With the Snow Algae Powder formula the water loss of the skin through the epidermis (TEWL) could be prevented following four weeks of application. Thus, Snow Algae Powder proved to strengthen the skin barrier function.

In addition, further studies confirmed that Snow Algae Powder significantly both increases skin hydration and reduces wrinkles.

Snow Algae Powder after 28 days.

Decrease in wrinkles depth with Snow Algae Powder after 28 days.

Increase in skin hydration with Snow Algae Powder after 14 days.